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Take Home Pay Calculator?

Why does Saxons website not have a take home pay calculator? We get asked a lot “What will my net take home pay be?”  We don’t believe that having a very basic take home pay calculator on our website is the correct thing to do.  There are hundreds of take home pay calculators available, each saying they can achieve a better take home pay percentage than the others.  The on-line take home pay calculators do not ask enough questions and make far too many assumptions to be accurate.  At Saxon we ask more in depth questions by asking you to complete a small form our call us for a take home pay calculation.

Outstanding Accounts?

What happens about outstanding accounts from my previous accountancy provider We're happy to produce any accounts for you which are outstanding when you join us.  The maximum we'll charge will be 12 times the appropriate monthly fee - and often it's nowhere near as expensive as you think.  If you have a set of accounts outstanding, then we will charge you a maximum of our annual fee (12 x the appropriate monthly fee). We will agree an affordable payment plan with you for this charge so that your cash flow doesn't take a battering.  And often the catch up fee will be less than our annual fee - so drop us an email for a quote. As an example: If you join us in September 2018 and have a year end of 31 March, your March 2018 accounts may need completing. We would charge you a maximum 12 x the appropriate monthly fee to complete those accounts - and we will agree a payment plan with you for this fee. So as an example, we may ask you to pay this fee over the next 3 months i.e. October, November and December.

Halfway through my companies tax year?

I am half way through my companies year and want you to complete my accounts - do I only pay 6 months fees? Unfortunately not!  What will happen is there will be a catch up fee for those months when you weren't a client. As an example: If you join us in September 2018 and want us to complete your March 2019 accounts, there would be a catch up of 6 months (April to September).  We will agree a payment plan for you for those fees e.g. we may ask you to pay twice your usual monthly fee for October 2018 to March 2019.