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Our aim is to help freelancers and contractors trading

through their own Limited Company

We provide a complete accountancy service  for contractors that delivers everything required to operate through their own Limited Company.  We provide everything you need for a fixed monthly fee with no hidden extra costs. As a director do you find all the necessary paperwork far too much to deal with on top of your daily work load? We are able to assist, by helping you maximise your time and retention to the fullest.  We deal with all aspects of administration, book-keeping, accounts and deal direct with HMRC and Companies House on your behalf.  There are no on-line portals where you have to input the information yourself, we deal with all of the book-keeping reducing your work load so you can concentrate on your work.
How does it work...
If you are not already a director of your own limited company we can assist you with forming a company with a name of your choice.  The tax efficient nature of being a director and shareholder of your limited company enables the maximum portion of gross earnings to be received as net income.  This is through a combination of PAYE salary and shareholders dividends which attract a lower rate of tax and are not subject to NI contributions.
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