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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI insurance) protects contractors against claims for negligence, loss of data or documents, unintentional breaches of intellectual property and claims for dishonesty. As the risks faced by individual contractors will depend on their area of expertise, specialist insurers will provide professional indemnity policies that are tailor made to the contractor's area of expertise.

Employers Liability Insurance

Employer's liability insurance will cover any "employees" you may have working within your company for any injury sustained at work. It is a legal requirement for employers to have Employer's liability cover, unless the only employees are the director and family members. Contractors working through a Limited Company would normally only have one employee, which would be themselves. However, it is recommended that they still take out Employer's liability cover, as this covers them for any accidents they may have at work.

Public Liability Insurance

 Public liability Insurance protects you against your legal liability where you accidentally cause damage of loss to someone else's property. It also covers you for an accidental injury you cause to someone else whilst working at clients premises.

Insurance Quotes

If you are not sure what level of cover you will need Chloe at Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance will talk you through the options and explain anything that you don't understand so that you can be completely confident that you policy has everything you require.   To find out more about the different types of cover available or to get a quotation please email our dedicated account manager Chloe Phillips on or call 01242 809316 and she will make sure you are well looked after.
Insurance for contractors
As a contractor, one of the things you will need to have in place to run your business effectively is the appropriate insurance. There are many types of insurance aimed at contractors, freelancers and small businesses, so it is worth considering the options available to ascertain whether they are relevant to your work. Working in certain sectors can mean that you are regularly relied upon to provide services which could leave you vulnerable to a claim being made against you. For example if you are responsible for a client’s data or the personal safety of those around you. Certain sectors may require contractors to have insurance in place before they take them on, and it is always best to ensure that you are appropriately covered in case you are pursued by a client. There are several different types of insurance that can help you to minimise the risks to which you are exposed, some of these are detailed here.